Psychotherapy Specialties and Approach

My psychotherapy therapy practice is focused on serving individuals, couples and families. I specialize in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD and other trauma related issues, as well as working through stuck points that impact daily life.

I also treat:

Multicultural Issues
Problems of Adjustment
Relationship/Marital Issues
Separation and Divorce
Stress Management


Problems in life are attributed to a greater pattern of emotions, thoughts and actions that guide how you see yourself, others and the world. These relational patterns are developed within formative experiences. Your understanding and response serves as the basis of your current interactions with others, with the past effecting the present and future.

The impact of certain events can be easily understood, such as the loss of a loved one, a traumatic event or a major life change. While at other times, the power of an influential experience is hidden manifesting as a form of distress or blockage. Psychotherapy provides the framework for exploration. It directs the course of discovery, leading to understanding and growth.

I practice psychotherapy from the perspective that the therapeutic relationship, the collaborative relationship between you and I, is the catalyst for change. The difficulties you experience in everyday life will make their way into therapy through relational patterns. The therapeutic relationship serves as the channel to break from reflexive responses and change the way you feel, think and act.

Depending on your concerns, psychotherapy may begin by focusing the management of distress. However, only focusing on short-term solutions will likely leave you vulnerable to further problems later in life. In the development of enduring change, a meaningful understanding of the root cause of patterns is key.